Data Science and AI

Interested in learning more about DS&AI from peers and mentors? The MD+ members below are experienced folks in the field that are willing to chat with community members about research, careers, student life, and anything else! Feel free to reach out to them through Slack or email to set up a coffee chat.

Please be sure to set up any reminders or alarms to make sure you show up to meetings on time and, if needed, cancel or reschedule meetings with enough advanced notice.

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Eric Shan

Eric is an MD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to medical school, he worked as a Quantitative Researcher at Meta, using causal inference, experimental analysis, and applied machine learning to study user privacy.


Michael Yao

Michael is an MD-PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and has previously worked as a research scientist intern at Microsoft and Hyperfine. His research focuses on developing interpretable and generalizable deep learning algorithms for medical imaging.